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"Recently bought this as vacation home and immediately started to have problems with brine tank on existing water softener leaking. Tried to get it fixed through trades sent by our home warranty company but they frankly were useless. By the time we got back to the home in November, salted water had leaked at least 10 feet from the tank. Our home watch service recommended Renegade and we checked them out on Angie's List too - even got coupon. Roland came on day booked though was slightly delayed by prior job. Immediately confirmed the problem but also advised us as to state of the whole system. Would have fixed just the brine tank but we decided to just get the whole system replaced as existing old and inefficient. He came back with a helper within a day while we were still at the house and spent the entire day changing out the system. Apparently found some very interesting plumbing when he was doing this which required much extra time for him but no change in the quoted price. Had to come back later to finish setting up the brine tank but that not problem for us. Very pleased." ~ B. Slinger

"These guys did an outstanding job! The best part was...I paid about half of what my neighbor paid for a water softener. I highly recommend Renegade Water. Great service, Great equipment, even better prices. I definitely will be calling them back for any water issues in the future."

"I had Renegade Water install a system for me. all work was performed as agreed. They even installed an extra hose bib that was treated by my new softner so that i could wash my windows without all the spotting!! These guy's do what they say and at a great price. I checked around and found a company offering a similar system but without the vortech plates. they wanted twice as much!!"

"I used Renegade Water Services for reverse osmosis. I talked to him when he came out about my soft water and he came back a week later and installed it. It was a Big Deal that I purchased for the reverse osmosis. He showed up on time and answered all my questions. He was very informative and definitely knew what he was talking about. He had good quality and did good work. He gave me options about the different pieces of equipment to match my reverse osmosis, which I liked." ~ S. Baird

"First visit was an estimate and he was a professional and never bad rapped other companies. He gave us the info on his product, reviewed what are plumming was like and then gave us the price. We agreed and set a date for installation. He arrived as scheduled, made the adjustments we requested and even spent more time with stuff that he din't have to work on at no extra charge. All was done in a timely matter and we are very pleased with him as well as his work. We would recommend highly!" ~ C. McNamee

"Renegade Water installed my water softener R/O system for me about 3 years ago. They come out and "tune"it up every year. In January of this year, we started using way too much salt; the readout controls on the softener kept flashing no matter how much salt we added, which indicated something was wrong.. We called Roland (the owner) in February after we had the pool acid washed re-grouted and had broken tiles replaced. We told Roland the softener was still flashing and eating salt, he gave us some trouble shooting things to try whiile he hung on the phone; when nothing worked he came out to look. He tested everything and said it wasn't the water softener, that I had a leak and it was most likely coming from my pool. We called the pool guy. He checked it out and said no, it wasn't the pool. Roland told us to keep a check on the amount of salt we were using and if it continued to call him. That was Mid February. In June the softener meter was still flashing and we were feeding it two bags of salt every other week. At $5.00 a bag times 2 bags every other week we would be spending $520 a year for salt (not including what I had to pay for the leaking water.) On average for the amount of water I: use I should be going through 2 bags a month which figures out to $120 a year for salt. Roland came out with his helper Vic within 2 days of my "help me I'm desperate "phone call. I put in a call to my pool guy (again) to let him know we thought it was the pool. After much hemming and hawing my pool guy agreed to meet my plumber at the house. Roland admitted he has no idea how a pool is "plumbed"so he called a friend of his who is also a pool guy. When everybody showed up the following day it was determined that the leak was originating someplace in the area of the pool because the ground was damp where the pool decking ended and the soil began. After showing this to my pool guy, he conceded that "well, yeah, maybe but he still didn't think so. They did a pressure test on the pipe which fed the pool. The pipe flunked. The softener meter indicated that 750 gallons of water a day. was running through the salt which; is why I was using 2 bags of salt every other week.

Roland and Vic dug a TUNNEL long enough and deep enough to get under my pool decking to uncover the leak. The deeper they dug, the muddier it got. They found the culprit, a cracked elbow which connected 2 pieces of PVC pipe into an "L"It took them 3 days to dig, find, replace and refill the tunnel-hole. They worked around their previously scheduled appointments and took Father's Day off. They didn't want to break up my pool decking because of how much it would cost me to replace it; plus the fact that my Insurance Company would not have covered the pool decking. These guys dug in heat ranging from 105 to 110 over the course of 3 days. I got away cheap for what they did, especially if you consider that about $90 of the bill was for the 15 bags of salt they were nice enough to pick up for me at Home Depot..

Would I use them again - ABSOLUTELY. Were the charges reasonable - ABSOLUTELY. Did they clean up after all the digging-filling was completed - YES.


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