How Renegade Water's Vortech Whole House Water System will improve your life!

Full Lifetime Warranty!

All parts, pieces and labor for as long as you own the equipment.

Renegade Water's Vortech Whole House Water System

  • Great tasting quality drinking and cooking water from every point of use in the house!
  • Preserve the nutritional value of your foods lost with hard water!
  • Spot free glassware & dishes!
  • No more "soap curds" on tubs, sinks and shower wall!
  • Brighter, softer laundry!
  • Use less soap and other cleaning products!
  • Softer, healthier skin and hair!
  • Longer water-using appliance life!
  • Time saved from cleaning up after hard water!

With our unique Four-Stage process with the Vortech Boost that refines, conditions,clarifies and polishes all of your household water, you'll have clean, clear, odor-free water like that of any mountain spring bottled water you can buy.

Why Renegade Water's Vortech Whole House Water System stands above the crowd!

  • Full to 1" to 1 1/2" ports both in and out!
  • Non-electric mechanical meter monitors capacity
  • Automatically regenerates only when necessary!
  • Proven Reliability!
  • Automatic reserve capacity!
  • Can use up-flow or down-flow brining for backwashing!
  • 27 gallon per minute Flow Rate!
  • Can use sodium or potassium (salt-free)!
  • Uses 30%-40% less salt/potassium than most other system on the market!

Our system pays for itself!

The Vortech distribution technologies are revolutionizing the water treatment industry. To find out more about this amazing new water treatment technology, click here.

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