Renegade Water Believes
Everybody Deserves Good, Clean Water!

Isn't it only fair?
We should all have the right to quality water. Don't get me wrong here, according to government guidelines, the water we received is not dangerous or unhealthy. Well that may be true, but where I live it sure doesn't taste, feel or smell very good!! That's why I got into this business over 35 years ago.

It started simply enough, I was just like you. I didn't like my water!! I called a water treatment professional to see if he could help with the smell and taste. He said he could, and he was right. After meeting with one of their sales reps, I had a new water softener, de- chlorinator + KDF and reverse osmosis drinking water system.

This stuff really worked and I couldn't wait to spread the word to friends and family. The only thing that really hurt was the price of freedom from that disgusting city water. Yeah, it was an expense, but worth it!! Well, one thing led to another and because of my enthusiasm I ended up installing the same equipment that I had purchased. That's when I found out the truth - some companies are overcharging for their equipment. At Renegade water we believe in exceptional quality at a fair price. Since then, I have worked very hard to get to where I could start my own business.

Now I can provide people with the same quality systems at a price they can afford!

-Roland Donahue, Renegade Water Founder and Owner

Renegade Water has been in business since 2006. Quality and customer satisfaction is our top priority. We have an outstanding staff committed to exceeding our customer's expectations through education, professionalism, knowledge and experience in the industry. Renegade Water maintains several local accreditations to help customers make the right choice when selecting a water filtration company.

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