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There are no government regulations regarding individual well water supplies. Public water supplies are regulated through standards set by the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). These regulations fall under two categories:

  • Primary drinking water standards
  • Secondary drinking water standards

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Municipal Water - There are many different places to obtain water analysis information. Start with State Health Departments and local universities. There are also numerous local and national laboratories that will analyze water for a more substantial fee. We offer FREE Water Testing.

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How Do I Know
If my water meets federal drinking water standards?

Municipal Water - All Community Water Supplies (CWSs) must deliver a Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) to their customers by July 1 of each year. The CCR provides a snapshot of water quality over the preceding year. CCRs must include:

  • Water quality data
  • Monitoring results
  • An explanation of their significance, and health effect
  • Language and "likely source" information for Maximum Contaminant levels (MCL)
  • Treatment technique violations

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