Renegade Water

With our inclusive all-in-one system, the incoming water passes through the patented reticulated carbon cubes, removing or greatly reducing harmful chlorine and chloramines. The chlorine free water than passes through the softening bed, resulting in soft, hardness-free water.
Hero Plus
Premium Water Conditioning
Clean soft, chlorine-free water is essential to our health, good for our home and pets, and can actually save you money. With the ever dimishing quality of today's water supply, our mission is to provide your family with the most advanced water conditioning systems available.
Whole House Scale and Contaminant Removal. Five levels of water filtration.
The Supernova is highly effective and eco-friendly, whole house water treatment system. The Supernova uses a multi-pole, multifield, permanentmagnetic water conditioner to affect the "ionic charge identity" of the CaCo and MgCo, making them remain suspended in water rather than precipitate out as hard water scale.
Whole House Scale and Contaminant Removal. Five levels of water filtration.
Clack Backwash control valve: This valve is high quality and reliable, comes fully programmed, and ready for installation. Automatic, high efficiency, reduces waste water by 30%, and with a battery back up won't lose programming, all the features you need.
Water Specialist Cabinet
Clack has developed a water softener cabinet that will accept any WS1 or WS1.25 Control Valve Model. Its top sliding cover opens to a large, tapered chute for ease of adding salt to the system without removing the cover. This new design offers a unique flip up access window that allows you to program the valve without removing the cover.
Renegade Gold Drinking Water System
State-Of-The-Art Features:
Patented Design: Exclusive manifold plate with patented channel design reduces tubing connections and simplifies installation.
High Capacity Tank: Holds approximately 2 gallons of water without taking up a lot of space.
Compact System: Space-saving design is ideal for under sink
installations and uses a minimum of space.
Silver Series
What's Included:
Sediment Filter - This filter removes the dirt,
sand, rust, and other physical particles.
Carbon Filter - This filter removes the
chlorine, chloramines, foul tastes, odors,
and chemicals.
Membrane - Removes up to 97%
of the total dissolved solids and
Post-Carbon Filter - Removes
the dissolved gases, tastes, and
odors from the holding tank
Advanced Series
Conditioned water regenerant refill for cleaner brine.
Reserve based on water usage over last 21 days.
The Advanced Series water softener removes unwanted hardness or minerals from your household water, whether from municipal sources or private wells. Used alone or in combination with filters and neutralizers, this system can meet the most challenging water problems existing today.

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