Supernova - Whole House Water Treatment System
NO SALT Five Level Conditioner
Your family deserves high quality water, so why not have the best designed system installed in your home?

The Supernova treatment system is effective for dissolving and preventing scale, inhibiting corrosion, as well as reducing chlorine, chloramines, and chlorination by-products from your household water.

  • No more bad taste and small associated with chlorine by-products
  • NO SALT, no chemicals, no on-going consumables
  • No more scale buildup from hard water deposits and helps remove existing scale
  • Only the best, premium grade medias
  • Five layer filtering leaves you with clean water, for peace of mind.

System Capacities
1 CuFt
1,000,000 gallons lifetime capacity, up to 6GPM, for a family of four. This system will last about 10 years.
1.5 CuFt
1,500,000 gallons lifetime capacity, up to 9GPM, for a family of six. This system will last about 10 years.
2 CuFt
2,000,000 gallons lifetime capacity, up to 12GPM, for a family of six. This system will last about 10 years.

System Specifications

Tank Size
9" X 48"
10" X 54"
12" X 52"

Do not exceed 80psi. Intended for residential use only.

Clack Backwash Control Valve: This valve is high quality and reliable, comes fully programmed, and ready for installation. Automatic, high efficiency, reduces wastewater by 30%, and with a battery back up will not lose programming, all the features you need.

Level 1: Granular Activated Carbon
This NSF Certified acid washed GAC removes chlorine, gases, heavy metals, odors, tastes, dyes, fuels, pollutants, disinfectants, pesticides, TTHM, sodium chloride, and volatile organic contaminants (VOC).
Level 2: Premium Catalytic High Activated Carbon 
Premium quality HAC carbon reduces remaining chlorine and chloramines, removing taste and odor, giving long lasting fresh water. This media filters a wide range of PH levels and adds a final polish to the filtered water.

Level 3: Katalox Light
A lightweight media that removes iron, lead, manganese, arsenic, hydrogen sulfide, and heavy metals. Also filters out particles as small as 3 microns and saves on backwash water.

Level 4: High Density Garnet Media
High hardness, high density filter media, effectively filters and provides a high quality media bed for this system.

Level 5: Multi-field Core Chamber
NSF approved magnetic water conditioner prevents lime scale build-up and inhibits corrosion without chemicals making it eco-friendly.

The Supernova is a highly effective and eco-friendly, whole house water treatment system. The Supernova uses a multi-pole, multi-field, permanent magnetic water conditioner to affect the “ionic charge identity” of the CaCo and MgCo, making them remain suspended in the water rather than precipitate out as hard water scale.

Depends on water usage and water quality conditions. Not intended for Microbiologically unsafe or unknown water quality. Disinfection may be required. This system is intended for treatment of municipal water, any other application requires a water quality analysis for best results.