Vortech Technology
Why the Vortech™ Technology Makes Renegade Water's
Whole House Water System stand above the crowd!

The Vortech™ distribution technologies are revolutionizing the water treatment industry. The Vortech™ technology design creates fluidity of the media bed and extends contaminant removal capacity; which means less regenerations and significant reduction of water use... saving water, salt/potassium and the environment, with backwash flow rate reductions of at least 30%.

Vortech™ distribution systems utilize a more efficient distributor plate design to reduce backwash and improve system efficiency compared to traditional cone & gravel systems. This unique design provides greater "lift" and "action" throughout the entire width of the mineral tank during a backwash cycle, whereas traditional cone & gravel systems channel up through the media causing areas of very limited movement.

This video demonstrates the dramatic lifting and separation of the media that the Vortech™ plates create. 
95% of competing water companies continue to use older technology. This video demonstrates the same action from an aerial view.